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Third-Eye Home Inspection is owned by Ron Brandt—a skilled home inspector licensed by the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation Division of Real Estate and a proud member of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI). 

Ron Brandt's journey is deeply interconnected with the concept of the third eye—a symbolic representation of heightened insight, awareness, and perception. From his early days helping his dad flip rental properties to more recent years spent managing his own home repair business, Ron has honed his innate ability to see beyond the surface. His extensive experience in carpentry, plumbing projects, and household repair makes him uniquely positioned to uncover potential issues and understand their depth.

Ron adheres to a simple yet powerful philosophy: "Treat every home inspection like it's your own. Look for different issues as if you're buying it for yourself." With this approach, he shares his expert insights with others, ensuring they can make well-informed real estate decisions. Ron’s guiding principle is establishing trust, reliability, and a commitment to safeguarding the interests of his clients by offering them clarity—whether you're a first-time home buyer or experienced property owner.

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